We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Before you let your nightclub patrons fill up your dance room, you have to think of your patron’s safety first. We here at Southwest understand the demands of running a nightclub, bar, or night lounge.  We are the experts to call to fill your nightclub security needs.

Top Security Guards Patrol can fill your doorman security, bouncers, and security staff to monitor patron conduct on the sidewalk, as well as inside the club. Don’t leave your nightclub security in the hands of inexperienced and poorly trained nightclub security officers.

We are professional, experienced and understand that confrontations with aggressive nightclub patrons, if not handled professionally, can hurt your nightclub. Or may leave you open to liability and negligence claims from patrons and employees.  Calling Southwest Patrol is the right choice with the experience we have guarding night clubs.  Our experienced club security service officers can see an incident happening before it start, and control them so they don’t escalate.  Determining what type of club, size, and patrons you will have at your venue.  We will give you a proposal of the security staff we recommend.  Weather your night club is open weekly or for special event security services.  Southwest Patrol knows how to handle crowd management and will help make your venue safe for patrons and employees.  We will customize a strategic security plan to keep your establishment safe and running smoothly, at a cost-effective rate. We offer unarmed security officers, armed security officers, patrol service, and off duty police protection.

Nightclub security services we handle:

• Nightclub security services
• Bar security services, Sports Bar security services
• Lounge security services
• Hotel security services
• Comedy Club security services
• Music Venue security services
• Theater Event security services
• Concert security services

Our professional staff is standing by to help you with all your security service needs.

We are currently serving the following counties: